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Studio Mikrofon, Streaming, Jenkee 1030 – CYBER WEEK AKCIJA

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Šifra: YMC1030-1
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Jamstvo: 12 mj.
Rok isporuke: 2-3 radna dana
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Youtuber’s track within a hand’s reach

I’ve got all the stuff you need for your studio recording. I offer you a condenser microphone with a cardioid response pattern, adjustable microphone stand, pop filter, anti-vibration holder and wind shield. Simply put, this is a complete setup for you be all set for streaming, podcasts or vloging.

Crystal clear sound

I am microphone in the STREAMER set to enthrall you with my clean audio response. Thanks to my cardioid response pattern and a detachable pop filter I can easily eliminate all spurious elements in my neighbourhood, thus only conveying your voice free of any surrounding noises.

I stay in place

For convenient use and optimal positioning, you will find a stand with a two-axis swivel mount inside me. The stand can be extended to reach up to 750mm in height and you can also attach it to any horizontal platform with 10 to 52mm in thickness.

There’s more to us

I use a standard XLR output, coming in with a 2.5m cord (XLR / 3.5mm jack). You will also find a combined connector for your microphone and headphones in the package which can be even combined with an Y adapter (supplied).